Wednesday, February 15, 2017

American Red Cross Named a 2017 Military-Friendly Employer

Friday, January 13, 2017

Strategic Security Corporation's Training Platform

Joseph Sordi is a retired sergeant of the New York Police Department with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience. In 2002 Joseph Sordi joined Strategic Security Corp. (SSC), a nationwide security guard and risk management firm, where he is now the managing director. 

SSC employs more than 1,500 employees and affiliates and is constantly growing, with offices in almost every state. To ensure its employees do not come up against any situation they are unfamiliar with, SSC offers extensive training, from standard unarmed security guard courses to academic online courses such as Response to Active Shooter and Event Risk Management Security and Safety. Eight- and 16-hour on-the-job training courses are also available for prospective security guards.

Courses offered at SSC's Global Training Center in New York are taught by corporate, military, law enforcement, and legal experts. Training courses are often offered worldwide upon request thanks to SSC's mobile training teams. Certificates are provided upon completion of each course, though some are nationally certified programs, which require renewal.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Red Cross RapidPass Celebrates Effective First Year

Joseph Sordi is a former NYPD sergeant who served with the force for 20 years. Currently, he is the managing director at Strategic Security Corp., a nationwide risk management firm. Outside of his work life, Joseph Sordi supports numerous charitable and relief organizations, including the American Red Cross.

Over the past year, the RapidPass program administered by the American Red Cross has significantly streamlined the blood and platelet donation process by allowing donors to complete some pre-qualification requirements online before coming to a center to donate. The Red Cross estimates that it has saved approximately 90,000 administrative hours since it launched the service last year.

RapidPass users can log in from their home computers and answer various questions about their medical history before coming into donation centers. After filling out the questionnaires, users print the results and bring the paperwork to donation professionals, or they show them completed PDF files if they filled in the information on their mobile devices. Red Cross personnel can then scan in the results, making the entire process much quicker and more efficient for both parties.

Visit in order to find out more about how the service works.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Strategic Security Corp's Newest FEMA Contract


Joseph Sordi is a security expert and former sergeant of the New York Police Department. Joseph Sordi currently serves as the managing director of Strategic Security Corp.

Strategic Security Corp. is a national risk management firm that provides services such as security guards, consultations and advice, investigation, and intelligence, and whose premier mission is to guarantee its clients a safe and secure atmosphere to conduct their business. The security company is woman-owned, and was originally founded in 2002, and though based in New York, offers services nationwide.

Recently, Strategic Security Corp. has been awarded a U.S. Maxwell Air Force Base FEMA contract for Armed Guard Services. The agreement of the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) contract was that Strategic Security Corp. would provide the Air Force base, based in Montgomery, Alabama, with Armed Protective security officers so that the base's ISB Operations would be secure. Though this contract was the most recent, Strategic Security Corp. has a notable length of other FEMA contracts executed successfully. To learn more, visit

Friday, October 14, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project Celebrates a Successful Fiscal Year 2016


An experienced law enforcement and security professional, Joseph Sordi serves as managing director of Strategic Security Corp. in New York City. In addition to his professional pursuits, Joseph Sordi supports several nonprofit groups, including Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

In a recently released statement, WWP announced that it exceeded its goal to provide mental health services for 2,500 post-9/11 veterans and their family members in fiscal year 2016. The organization provided the services through its Combat Stress Recovery Program, a donor-supported initiative that helps meet the mental health needs of veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, traumatic brain injury, and other combat-related issues.

The news release comes just weeks after WWP put out a statement announcing that it raised a record-setting $71 million this fiscal year to support its Benefits Services program, which helps connect veterans with services offered through the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs. By finishing strong in FY 2016, WWP has a head start on reaching its 2017 goal to continue assisting combat veterans in overcoming physical and mental injuries.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Strategic Security Corporation Focuses on Emergency Preparedness

Strategic Security Corporation, led by Joseph Sordi, provides solutions for issues such as business investigations and cyber security. As managing director, Joseph Sordi spends a major portion of his time dealing with emergency responses to sudden developments.

Contracted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, the company can provide multiple services in case of a disaster or terrorist attack. It asked it helps locate trapped persons, secure Disaster Recovery Centers and works with other agencies in the aftermath.

When disaster strikes, Strategic Security establishes an emergency command post and forms groups that will protect people caught up by the incident. It also aids in the recovery of company records and assets.

If necessary, the firm sets up base camps that house company personnel, government representatives, and first responders. The camps can also accommodate displaced persons and provide meals and hygiene. The company possesses helicopters and fuel trucks to bring in supplies, and deploys buses to move victims from the disaster area.

Strategic Security’s teams consist of experienced professionals from backgrounds of law enforcement and safety. They are familiar with the importance of the rule of law, the maintenance of peace, and the establishment of a safe living space.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Educational and Networking Membership Benefits of ASIS

Joseph Sordi serves as managing director of Strategic Security Corporation, a security guard and risk management firm that operates nationwide. As a member of ASIS International, Joseph Sordi has access to various membership benefits that aid him in his career.

An organization dedicated to increasing effectiveness and productivity of security professionals, ASIS has operated for more than 60 years. The organization comprises a range of professionals, from entry-level employees to C-suite executives, working for companies across six continents.

ASIS members benefit from a broad array of knowledge and resources, including access to research and white papers, and a subscription to the monthly Security Management magazine. The organization also maintains an electronic library of all ASIS/ANSI standards and guidelines, available for free download to members.

Additionally, ASIS members may take part in career development opportunities with discounted access to educational programs, including face-to-face events and e-learning and Webinar engagements. Certificate programs offered by ASIS include various ASIS Assets Protection Courses (Principles of Security, Practical Applications, and Functional Management), Developing and Implementing an Insider Threat Program, Executive Protection, and Structured Analytic Thinking for Security Decision Making.