Friday, December 2, 2016

Strategic Security Corp's Newest FEMA Contract


Joseph Sordi is a security expert and former sergeant of the New York Police Department. Joseph Sordi currently serves as the managing director of Strategic Security Corp.

Strategic Security Corp. is a national risk management firm that provides services such as security guards, consultations and advice, investigation, and intelligence, and whose premier mission is to guarantee its clients a safe and secure atmosphere to conduct their business. The security company is woman-owned, and was originally founded in 2002, and though based in New York, offers services nationwide.

Recently, Strategic Security Corp. has been awarded a U.S. Maxwell Air Force Base FEMA contract for Armed Guard Services. The agreement of the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) contract was that Strategic Security Corp. would provide the Air Force base, based in Montgomery, Alabama, with Armed Protective security officers so that the base's ISB Operations would be secure. Though this contract was the most recent, Strategic Security Corp. has a notable length of other FEMA contracts executed successfully. To learn more, visit