Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Strategic Security Corporation Focuses on Emergency Preparedness

Strategic Security Corporation, led by Joseph Sordi, provides solutions for issues such as business investigations and cyber security. As managing director, Joseph Sordi spends a major portion of his time dealing with emergency responses to sudden developments.

Contracted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, the company can provide multiple services in case of a disaster or terrorist attack. It asked it helps locate trapped persons, secure Disaster Recovery Centers and works with other agencies in the aftermath.

When disaster strikes, Strategic Security establishes an emergency command post and forms groups that will protect people caught up by the incident. It also aids in the recovery of company records and assets.

If necessary, the firm sets up base camps that house company personnel, government representatives, and first responders. The camps can also accommodate displaced persons and provide meals and hygiene. The company possesses helicopters and fuel trucks to bring in supplies, and deploys buses to move victims from the disaster area.

Strategic Security’s teams consist of experienced professionals from backgrounds of law enforcement and safety. They are familiar with the importance of the rule of law, the maintenance of peace, and the establishment of a safe living space.

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