Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Strategic Security Corp. Retail Security FAQ

Joseph Sordi is a former NYPD sergeant who was with the force for over a decade. Currently, Joseph Sordi is the managing director at Strategic Security Corp., a nationwide risk management firm. One of the firm’s specialties is retail security. Several common queries about Strategic Security Corp.’s retail security operations are answered below.

Question: What do Strategic Security’s retail security guard’s do?
Answer: Their goal is to help monitor your store and prevent shoplifting, personal attacks, and vandalism. 

Q: What kind of guards do they offer?
A: Strategic Security provides a range of guard options, including armed or unarmed guards, patrol services, undercover store detectives, off-duty police officers, and shopping center security. The firm can provide foot or vehicle patrol, bilingual service, parking lot patrol, alarm response, and employee or customer escorts.

Q: Does Strategic Security cover other areas of retail loss prevention?
A: Yes, the firm helps protect against more than just shoplifting. Its guards keep an eye out for fraud and vendor or employee theft.

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